We help you manage a trust when you are the trustee.

Example: Tim died, leaving all his money to his brother, Roger, as Trustee for Tim’s son.  Roger is capable of managing his brother’s money, but he’s never been a trustee before.  What should he do?

As trustee, Roger is required to comply with the terms of the trust itself and with the rules of the law on trusts. In Kentucky, most of that law is found in the Kentucky Revised Statutes in Chapters 386, 386A and 386B. In addition, it is possible that some federal law may apply, too. This is especially true if Tim’s trust is a special needs trust, since federal law is strict on what a trust can and cannot spend money on.

Because of these requirements, Roger may want to retain a lawyer to help him make sure he understands the trust and complies with all of the appropriate rules. If you are a trustee under a trust, we cannot give you investment advice, but we can help guide you in handling the trust in an appropriate legal way.  For some trustees, this may involve just a one-time consultation. For others, this may involve an ongoing relationship.