We help you decide what you really need from a lawyer.

Example: You are in your 60s and have never done any estate planning. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, but since you’re not sure what you need, you have been putting off seeing a lawyer.

It’s ok if you don’t know what you need. We don’t expect you to. The most important thing we do is help clients design an overall plan so you get – and pay for – only what you really need.

Our first question to clients is not: “What documents do you want?”  It’s: “What are your goals for your family?” With those goals in mind, we explain your options and help you decide what sort of plan will meet your needs.  Only then can you decide what documents you need to protect your family.

Do I need a will or a trust?

We can help you decide if you need a will or a trust, both or neither. Many people have heard of trusts but don’t understand what they are. We explain them to you and help you decide if you really need one.  If so, we can help you decide whether you need a testamentary trust or a living trust, one that is revocable or irrevocable. This first step in the process is more important than the documents themselves. After all, you can get the best trust in the world, but if you don’t really need a trust, then you don’t have a good plan.

So how do you decide what you really need from a lawyer? Answer: you get some basic education from this site by clicking on the topics under Our Services. Or you attend one of our free seminars by clicking on Seminars. Or you schedule a consultation with us by clicking on Contact Us.